Raleigh's Yoga Therapy Studio honors the Whole You... body, mind, heart.
Breathing Mountain Yoga Therapy in Raleigh, NC
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Raleigh's Yoga Therapy Studio - Breathing Mountain Yoga
Breathing Mountain Yoga Threapy Studio, Raleigh, NC
Breathing Mountain
Yoga Therapy

222 N Bloodworth St
Raleigh, NC 27601
919.413.8468 or email us

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Yoga Therapist Jessica Mollet has been teaching Yoga in Raleigh since 2001.

Yoga Therapy is an evidence-based, client-centered practice of introspection and transformation. Yoga Therapy looks at wellness from a holistic perspective, addressing the interrelated aspects of the self - body, breath, mind and mood. Yoga classes include breath-centered, mindful dynamic movements and static poses, guided relaxation, breathwork and meditation. The combination of these practices profoundly and positively influence on our physiology, thoughts and emotions.

*Poses strengthen, stretch, balance muscles & fascia & improve posture.
*Mindful movement, breathwork, meditation, visualization and guided relaxation regulate and balance the autonomic nervous system to improve mood, boost the immune system, improve sleep, increase energy, lower blood pressure, improve digestion, and much more.

We offer both small-group classes (3-10 people) and individualized Yoga Therapy sessions. Our goal is to address the health and wellness of your Whole being.

Breathing Mountain Yoga Om

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