Raleigh's Yoga Therapy Studio honors the Whole You... body, mind, heart.
Breathing Mountain Yoga Therapy in Raleigh, NC
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Raleigh's Yoga Therapy Studio - Breathing Mountain Yoga
Breathing Mountain Yoga Threapy Studio, Raleigh, NC
Breathing Mountain
Yoga Therapy

222 N Bloodworth St
Raleigh, NC 27601
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Yoga Therapist Jessica Mollet has been teaching Yoga in Raleigh since 2001.


"The last class I attended, it was a week when I had spent two 14-hour days sitting at my desk. Every single stretch you walked us through, I wanted to yell out "yes! that's what I need!" My body was so desperate for those stretches and positions and it went a long way to undoing the damage I had inflicted on myself by sinking into that office chair for so long." ~ Kirsten

Breathing Mountain Yoga Therapy offers 8-week group sessions and private/individualized Yoga to allow students to experience the deep inner/outer transformation of a regular Yoga practice. Classes progress through the session as the students' skills and capacity improve.

Students in the group Yoga classes register for 8, 16, or an unlimited number of classes each session. Private Yoga Therapy can be done on a one-time basis, or more frequent.

Experience the difference a regular Yoga practice makes in your life and for those with whom you share your world.

Breathing Mountain Yoga is an evidence-based, client-centered, safe practice of introspection and transformation. We focus on the person as a whole, addressing physical, mental and emotional well-being. Yoga classes include breath-centered, mindful dynamic movements, static poses, guided relaxation, and meditation.

Yoga Therapy has helped our students eliminate physical pain, be more relaxed, improve posture, sleep better, and increase their overall quality of life.

We offer small Group Classes (3 - 10 people) for those wanting a community Yoga experience and Private Yoga Therapy for individuals or small groups.

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